St Winefride's Well

Holywell, Flintshire CH8 7PN, North Wales


Information continued

There is new but limited parking opposite the Well but ample free parking available at the Parish Centre and in all the town centre car parks.


The free `Park & Ride` Shuttle Bus service between the town and the Well will be available between 13.00hrs and 14.20hrs and back up the `Well Hill` immediately after Mass and veneration of the Relic (16.00 - until 17.00pm.)


The processional route on the B5121 (the Well Hill section) will be closed to vehicular traffic between 13.45hrs and 17.00hrs.


The `pick up points` will be signposted adjoining the Well, the Parish Centre and town centre car parks.


Light refreshments provided by the Holywell U.C.M. will be available in St Winefride`s Guest House, at a modest charge, between 10.30hrs and 17.30hrs.


The annual Welsh pilgrimage is a deep moment of faith in this holy place. Our faith needs expression of signs as well and this pilgrimage is one. We can keep alive the historical Catholic christian faith by participating at the procession, Mass and veneration of St Winefride’s relic. All members of the Diocese are warmly welcomed to join us and to bring other people to share this wonderful experience, which I have experienced personally.  By taking part in this pilgrimage we can witness together our common faith to God through the intercession of St Winefride venerated here in Holywell.


Fr Anil, SDV Parish Priest


The National Catholic Pilgrimage